Portugal's Golden Visa Programme

Portugal's Golden Visa Programme

Portugal Golden Residence Permit (Golden Visa)

The Portuguese Government have introduced new laws which can enable non EU citizens to obtain a residential permit through investment in real estate in Portugal.

In order to qualify the investor must purchase one or more properties with a value of or more than €500,000 and hold them for a minimum of five years. They may also choose to purchase a property in co-ownership as long as each co-owner invests more than €500,000. The value of investment can be reduced to €350,000 if the property is more than 30 years old, or if it is located in a regeneration area and is subject to refurbishment works certified by the local authority.

The properties purchased can be rented out or leased for commercial, agricultural or tourist use. The investor must spend a minimum of only 7 days in Portugal in the first year and at least 14 days in the subsequent years.

The holders of the residence permit for investors will have the right to bring their families and may gain access to a permanent residence permit, and even Portuguese citizenship in accordance with the current legal provisions.

We strongly recommend using a specialist lawyer if you are contemplating applying. If required we can introduce you to lawyers who specialise in such applications